Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I deserve a break today (but I'll wait until Thursday)

I've discovered the key to being a good parent.
Sorry, but it's not the time you spend with them.
Sorry, but it's not God.
Sorry, but it's not good clothes, good schools and a good place to lay your head.
Oh, all those are important. But they're not the key.
The key is the break.
If I know a break is coming, I can work for weeks on end without complaint. I can take all the fussing, sussing and fighting. I can take anything. I can go without sleep and run like the wind for many days in a row. I can do anything.
But only if I know a break is coming.
Well, it's coming.
In 24 hours or so, I'll be on a plane.
Viva Las Vegas.
Thursday morning, I'll arrive, and by noon, I'll be at the poker tables. Then some buddies who are turning 40 arrive Thursday night, and it's time for a nice dinner and whatever else happens.
I don't have to plan anything.
Friday, we might even go to see Steel Panther.
I don't get many breaks. And this one's only a couple days long.
It's all I need. It's not the break itself, although that's awesome.
It's the fact that it's coming. And close.


lightning36 said...

Wow - sounds great! Good luck at the tables.

KenP said...

We've a term for a girl with your standards.

It was cheap... uhh, lessee, ahh, hummm....

Oh yeah, date. That was it DATE. Well, if it wasn't that it was a male defined synonym.

BadBlood said...

"Friday, we might even go to see Steel Panther."

This sentence confuses me by using the words "might even."

The Wife said...

Yeah . . . you gotta see Panthers . . . make up for our failing last time.

Enjoy yourself - and as a mother, I totally understand how time away makes you love them more.

Good luck and have fun!

pokerpeaker said...

Blood, if it were up to me, I'd be camping out by the door.

I think I've got them convinced.