Thursday, March 19, 2009


Everything should be fine. We're a strong country. We've survived worse. I think. Not since I've been alive, but we've survived worse.
Everything should be fine. So we'll lose a few businesses. It won't shake our foundation.
Everything should be fine. So people are losing their jobs. That will just create new opportunities for people.
Everything should be fine. So newspapers are shutting down or closing, and jobs are disappearing and the market is flooded with good writers now. Your newspaper can hang on. It's smaller and we matter here.
Everything should be fine. So you're not really sure you could do anything else other than write, and it's hard to say how many writing jobs are out there. People who can actually write are rare. Your skills will be valued.
Everything should be fine. So yeah, wow, it's starting to look super scary out there, but it's not like our economy will just collapse.
Everything should be fine. So the easy targets are disappearing at PokerStars. The UEIGA will be repealed, and soon the fish will be back.
Everything should be fine. So you're worried about the freelance jobs you already do have. You didn't NEED the extra money anyway, even if you were putting it toward an emergency fund that you're afraid you're going to have to use.
Everything should be fine. So you're worried about how you'd make it with your three young kids and the house payment if you did lose your job. Kate still would have hers and the cars are paid for.
Everything should be fine. Yes, your newspaper seems to have half the people in the building it once did, but you've survived. You're good. You're valuable. You'll make it even if more cuts happen.
Everything should be fine. Web journalism appears viable, even if they haven't figured out how to actually make money at it. More people are reading than ever. I'm sure they wouldn't mind paying for it.
Everything should be fine.

Denial is a wonderful tool. Maybe I'll actually start believing those statements up there. I'm just not sure when it becomes delusion.


TenMile said...

When one starts talking about how good it is.

The Wife said...

Hang in there . . . if you find out its delusion, let me know and we can commiserate about how delusional we've been . . . although hopefully by that time I'll be back in a better reality.

Either way, its probably nothing that a little belt-tightening and a good Steel Panthers show wouldn't fix.

demonforeveryday said...

I don't know what I'm going to do with all this school debt and whatnot. I am so worried about getting hired somewhere.

What did you think of Mayor Clark's asinine statement?

pokerpeaker said...

Hey! I'm pretty sure I know you. Clark's asinine statement doesn't bother me. Whatever. That just means we're doing our job.

demonforeveryday said...

Yes, yes you do! How goes? Well, besides all that doom and gloom.

Clark has shown himself to be a moron in the past. It should only motivate journalists :)