Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Presto is Gold (part 783, 784 and -3) and I'm rated G???

I could NOT resist this:
(This happened during my nightly three-tabling $25 NL on Ultimate Bet while a twin was in my lap, which isn't nearly as hot as it sounds)

XZONIX is at seat 0 with $22.88.
antlion is at seat 1 with $19.84.
pokertoker_3 is at seat 2 with $17.46.
luck4butch is at seat 3 with $3.90.
pokerpeaker is at seat 4 with $31.04.
feint06 is at seat 5 with $24.13.
Hoyle715 is at seat 6 with $8.79.
tidefan93 is at seat 7 with $21.61.
hawkeyetim is at seat 8 with $23.24 (sitting out).
gnvoewi is at seat 9 with $13.88.
The button is at seat 7.

gnvoewi posts the small blind of $.10.
XZONIX posts the big blind of $.25.

XZONIX: -- --
antlion: -- --
pokertoker_3: -- --
luck4butch: -- --
POKERPEAKER: 5s 5h (who-hoo! Presto!)
feint06: -- --
Hoyle715: -- --
tidefan93: -- --
gnvoewi: -- --


pokertoker_3 calls. luck4butch
folds. pokerpeaker calls. feint06 folds. Hoyle715
folds. tidefan93 calls. gnvoewi calls. XZONIX

Flop (board: 4d 9s 4h):

gnvoewi checks. XZONIX checks. pokertoker_3 bets
pokerpeaker calls (I'm not going anywhere for .25 cents. It's Presto and I may still have the best hand).
tidefan93 calls.
XZONIX calls.

Turn (board: 4d 9s 4h 5d) (Gin! Bingo! I knew it!):

XZONIX checks.
pokertoker_3 bets $.25.
pokerpeaker calls (I'm taking this to the bank, so I'll just smooth call here and see what develops; I have a feeling one of them has a big hand).
XZONIX raises to $3.25 (Sweet, I was right)
pokertoker_3 goes all-in for $16.96 (Wow, really? No preflop raise. I'm guessing set over set here; if that's the case so be it, I ain't folding)
pokerpeaker goes all-in for $30.54 (So I push; the guy raised into a multi-way, I don't think he's going anywhere).
XZONIX goes all-in for $22.38 (OK, one must have a set, the other must have three of a kind).

River (board: 4d 9s 4h 5d 6c):


pokerpeaker has 5s 5h 4d 4h 5d: full house, fives full of fours (Of course, Presto is Gold!)
XZONIX has 4c 9c 4d 9s 4h: full house, fours full of nines (ouch, he flopped a full house and was probably counting his chips when he pushed).
pokertoker_3 has Ac 4s 4d 9s 4h: three fours (A bet and a raise here. He must have hoped I didn't have much and figured his kicker was good. I would have called the raise and then folded when I pushed; someone obviously had a full there).

$2.54 is raked from a total pot of $63.97.
pokerpeaker wins the main pot $51.01 with full house, fives full of fours.
pokerpeaker wins the side pot $10.42 with full house, fives full of fours.

Part 784:

Callmedonkey2 is at seat 0 with $14.32.
Imar1 is at seat 1 with $26.40.
lizardaces is at seat 2 with $20.
jonnymobs is at seat 3 with $7.45.
JRA 05 is at seat 4 with $10.79.
mthl2401 is at seat 5 with $17.84.
IrishShark912 is at seat 6 with $18.75.
diamondlukey is at seat 7 with $15.63 (sitting out).
ark623 is at seat 8 with $15.91.
pokerpeaker is at seat 9 with $27.03.
The button is at seat 5.

IrishShark912 posts the small blind of $.10.
ark623 posts the big blind of $.25.
lizardaces posts out of turn for $.25.

Callmedonkey2: -- --
Imar1: -- --
lizardaces: -- --
jonnymobs: -- --
JRA 05: -- --
mthl2401: -- --
IrishShark912: -- --
ark623: -- --
pokerpeaker: 5d 5s


pokerpeaker calls (slowplay my monster)
lizardaces checks.
JRA 0 calls.
IrishShark912 raises to $1.50 (this guy earlier donked off a buy-in-and-a-half with A,K on a complete bluff and then bitched to the guy for five minutes who had a set of 10s. "How could you call that on that board?")
pokerpeaker calls (of course I"m calling here, I have Presto)
lizardaces folds. JRA 05 folds.

Flop (board: 4s Js Td):

IrishShark912 checks.
pokerpeaker checks (if he follows up with a bet I fold, but he gives me a free card, so I'll take it)

Turn (board: 4s Js Td 5c) (Presto!)

IrishShark912 checks.
pokerpeaker bets $.90 (He raised pre-flop, I hope he has something, plus I need to build a pot here)
IrishShark912 goes all-in for $17.25 (I guess he has something - I'm guessing AA since he's a fool and thought he could slowplay it. I have no idea why he's pushing so much for so little but I"m not folding here).
pokerpeaker calls.

River (board: 4s Js Td 5c 8c):


IrishShark912 has Kd Qh Js Td 8c: king high. (Um....nice play. Sorry you didn't hit your 8-outer. I"m amazed you didn't)
pokerpeaker has 5d 5s Js Td 5c: three fives.

$1.52 is raked from a pot of $38.25.
pokerpeaker wins $36.73 with three fives.

BUT Presto can also work against you. A guy flopped a set of Presto against me later that night on a TPTK board with A, was top pair so I only lost a 1/4th of a buy-in to it. And a guy pushed into my top two pair, A,K, with Presto and hit his four-flush on the river when he runner-runnered me. Presto is a bitch and a beautiful whore at the same time).

I've been on a good run lately, which is nice considering I've been mostly either treading water or making dog-paddle-like progress for three months.

* * *

Oh, check this out:

Jesus. This tells me one of three things:
• This isn't foolproof. I do throw out the occasional fuck and shit. See?
• I've been writing about my kids WAY too much.
• Poker is a wholesome family activity, and our politicans totally missed the boat.

I vote for number three.

P.S. Congrats to Jerry Yang for winning the WSOP Main Event. He's the opposite of Jamie Gold, and that's exactly what the poker world needs right now. Yeah, this family man who talked about donating to charity, has a strong faith in God and wanted to use the money for his kids' education seems exactly like the degenerate gambler our special leaders were trying to target when they approved the online ban.


Chipper said...

Don't sweat being a "G" rated site. It doesn't have to take a potty mouth to write good stuff. Just keep up what you're doing. You're a professional journalist anyway. The Greeley Trib isn't going to let you post PG-13 or R rated stuff anyway.

Fuel55 said...

Always on the turn baby.

A couple of fives on the turn killed me in Vegas.