Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Deposit dilemma

Is there any of youse poker players out there who still deposit to sites to take advantage of those juicy reload and deposit bonus offers that float my way?

How are you doing that exactly? I've heard rumors of a Visa card at Walgreens, but does that really work?

If any of you are stopping by anymore, tips would be great.

I really interested in the bonus. I don't have to reload. But then again, if yet another downturn that I'm currently enjoying continues, maybe I'll need to do exactly that.

The kids are gone for a couple of days as Kate went down to her parents, and yet I still can't really enjoy it. I'm working late tonight, getting up early tommorow to mow what was once my lawn and now looks like something Lewis and Clark hacked through on their way to the Old West, and then I'm getting the house ready for Dad and his family, who are all coming down to peek at the newest additions to the Pokerpeaker clan. They will hold them too.
In our house, holding a baby is not only encouraged, it's required. Why evolution hasn't created a second pair of arms for parents of twin infants I'll never know.


lj said...

not sure what sites you play, but at ftp i have used my mastercard (american bank, same card since '99) and it works just fine. have not yet tried w/ pokerstars, but have heard rumors it is not as easy.

TenMile said...

On-line: Visa gift cards purchased online appear to work well and maybe purchased with other CC's.

Epassporte works well. Much in the manner of Neteller. May also be funded via CC's.

JJ said...

What up gangster? How far you gotten in Potter?

Im done, and delirious from lack of sleep. But quite pleased with the ending.

Ill see you next week.

Gydyon said...

EPassporte works. I have heard some prepaid mastercards work as well.

Drizztdj said...

MC and Visa have been going thru, not sure for how long though.

Chipper said...

I've "heard" that these Walgreen Visa cards work, but I'm taking the stance that I'm just going to play with whatever bankroll I have until funding them becomes much more easy for USA players. I've not been able to participate in blogger events for a while now due to not having cash on certain sites. I'm just going to ride it out until it's regulated in the states.

Courtney said...

I don't think one extra pair of arms would be enough! I think I need an extra "me" sometimes! I wouldn't have it any other way though.