Sunday, July 22, 2007

Choosing between two pop culture phenoms

When you have a toddler and twins whose cuteness factor seems to be multiplying daily as they continue to not only figure out how to smile but use it liberally and especially when Daddy is around (they already are manipulating me), you have to make choices with that hour or so of free time you're granted daily.
Assuming you've already worked out, and you can't go climbing, given that that takes much longer than an hour and the wife already let you guide a trip Saturday that netted you around $450 as well as a calm soul (see photos below), let's look at our options.

Poker: After a hot spell, the suckout bug has returned, along with a few set over sets, which sure feels like a suckout. Finally, last night I flop a set of 4s, take it to the streets just like the Doobie Brothers, and a 5 falls on the river. When the guy pushes on my pot-sized bet, I push for my last scrap of chips, and he waits, and waits, and waits, until he finally calls.
And shows 5,5.
Presto is gold, indeed. Presto sucks.
He then types in LOL in the chat box and says "I wanted to enjoy it."
So the fucker — oops, I may have just blown my G rating — was slowrolling me after hitting his 4 percent chance of winning.
There have been maybe three times I've wanted to crawl through the computer screen and force feed those chips down a throat, maybe with a little salsa or dirty cigarette butts.
Make it four after last night.

Harry Potter: A terrific series that actually got better as the hype increased. I'm not sure I can say that about many other pop culture moments. The new "Star Wars" series failed miserably, with only the third installment worth much, and the third "Matrix" was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The Beatles? Sure, but that was a long time ago. "The Simpsons" did, for a time, until Season 10 got here.
But Harry Potter is truly brilliant, a series that started out as a kid's fantasy world and became a book for adults, maybe even more than children.
Oh, lookie here, the last installment arrived in my mailbox yesterday.

The decision really isn't that hard, actually. Apparently after some posted success I can't drive 55, but I can treat myself to finally finding out whether Harry lives or dies.


Kris said...

Book 7 was far and away my favorite... Matt went to Kings and picked it up for me at midnight, by 3 I was awake and ended up reading the whole thing before finally grabbing some lunch and taking a nap sometime around noon. I hope you enjoy it! =)

JL514 said...

Have you seen the matrix dezionized? Several people were upset with revolutions, and combined reloaded and revolutions, took out all the fighting in zion and some other stuff they didn't like. It's still the same movie(s), with the same basic plot, and same ending, without all the Zion stuff (deZIONized). They removed over two hours of footage from reloaded and revolutions. Maybe look into it if it wasn't the ending that bothered you.