Monday, April 02, 2007

Sunday in the park - it came after a constant cry

Yes, after writing that column below about how much I love my son, you might think that love is constant.
Well, sometimes I need reminders.
This weekend was tough. Jayden had the worst three-day stint of his little life in at least a year after he began taking medicine for acid reflux.
He was fussy, whiny, cranky and even a bit bratty.
A lot bratty, even.
By the end of Saturday, I had forgotten how much I loved him.
You never stop loving your children. At least I don’t think so. I haven’t yet. But those feelings of undying devotion had faded a bit. Constant screaming, crying and a general attitude of “I want my way” all the time will eventually wear you down, I discovered.
To make things worse, I was busy all day Saturday decorating the bedroom (our last taskof officially being moved in, something that had to wait until the room was painted) and also battling the new faux wood shades in the hopes that they would eventually hang. The decorating went fine, given my faux women’s touch for that.
But my talent for such things like, er, taking a screwdriver and hanging blinds is not exactly on the level of Home Improvement Host. It is not really on the level of Normal Guy. It is more along the lines of Kindergarten. Barely.
So things like installing blinds in the bedroom leaves me a little frustrated. And quite pissy.
A kid screaming at me tends to exacerbate the situation.
Oh, and it terrified me, seeing him act that way. We’re having twins, ya know. We don’t need a toddler filled with angst running around as well.
I tempered my pissyness with a little understanding, just like when a guy goes all in and cracks my AA with KK. Hey, it’s KK.
Hey, Jayden is still less than 2 and just got over a seriously bad illness that left his throat sore and spiked his temperature for four days. He was probably still really worn out and may still have been sick. So I understood.
So Sunday I got up, put Jayden in the running stroller and took him to the park. Maybe it would help.
It was exactly the reminder I needed:

My son is a great little guy. He’s also a little guy. Along with the wonders and joys and pleasures of having children comes occasionally with hissy fits that bend your paitence into pretzels.
The good with the bad.
That is, after all, the vow I took with my wife.
The reminder I needed is I took that same vow when Jayden was born.


Stacie said...

Isn't it amazing home someone so small can try your patience so damn much?

Great photos, btw.

Stacie said...

How. Amazing how. Oops.

jjok said...

great looking kiddo!

Right now, I have one who is trying my patience at it's's a tough balance sometimes. I find that my interractions with the other 2 does lessen the blow some.

That could a good thing or a bad thing......not sure which.

Good luck with guess is the first few months of tripletdom is gonna be tough on him. But it can only get better, me thinks.

TripJax said...

cute kid and cool name. love those "J" names...