Friday, March 30, 2007

It may work, but does it improve me?

I had a great week at the cash tables. In fact, other than the Mookie and tonight's event with the birthday girl, I didn't play any tournaments this week.
What I did do is three-table $25 NL poker and did well every night, save for one night when my set got oversetted and a guy sucked out on my QQ with A,J (twice in the same night, eerie).
I wonder, though, how healthy this is for my game.
In some ways I believe it improves me. The money doesn't mean as much, so I'm able to play more aggressively. I believe that's partly the key to my success this week.
But in other ways I"m not sure. Trolling around and waiting for others to make mistakes is not necessarily power poker. Even when I'm bluffing and pushing people off hands every night, for the most part I"m simply waiting for mistakes.
I remember when I was playing the $10 tables at Bodog Poker. I probably made $400 in two months by three-tabling those babies for two hours every night. Was the poker interesting? Sort of. It was still poker. But was it profitable? You bet.
I haven't played $25 in so long, and yet that's where most of my profits probably come from. I have played a lot of $50 and done well there. I"m only slightly ahead at $100, and I think that's because the money means a lot more.
Is it good for my game to play at a low level? I'm not sure. The players are better than they were two years ago when I started. Are they a LOT better? No. Are most any good? Not really.
Is the money good however?
You bet.
What do you all think about this?

In the meantime, here's what I'm talking about:

Hope to see you there.

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Chipper said...

Hey bro - just wanted to give you a hearty congrats on your Colorado Journalism Award. I read the Greeley Trib this morning and saw your name mentioned. Way to go! Next stop Pulitzer!