Sunday, March 25, 2007

Congrats on all you who picked UCLA

Now please go and blow that money you won on Pai Gow.

If you're here expecting to see an article on parental love thanks to a flattering link from this awesome site, hello, welcome, no my kids won't be degenerate gambooolers and sorry you've haven't slept well lately. Please scroll down a couple.

As for the rest of you, well, Saturday afternoon was not my best moment as a Kansas fan and graduate. They lost by playing about as well as a fifth grade recreational weekend basketball team with braces on their teeth, legs and heads.

It was a nice year, for sure, another conference title and a deep run in the tournament for the first time in three years. The Elite Eight is nothing to scoff at, and the Hawks lost to UCLA, a great team with as much tradition as us.
And yet I thought this was our year. I guess I believed all the pundits. I suppose that's because I'm one myself.
Damn pundits.
It seems like the future is bright, given that we're all sophomores and freshmen, save for a junior or two, but we might lose at least one player to the NBA. Such is college basketball these days. It's a game ruled by players who probably still carry a Trapper Keeper.

I have often wondered why I care so much about a team. Sure, I went to school there, but how they do in a game has no bearing on my life. And yet it does affect my happiness. When they win I'm pumped, and when they lose, well...I'm not quite as bummed as I once was, now that I have a kid and twins on the way, but I'm still depressed.

So here's my question. Why are we fans? Why do we care so much? Why does it matter if our team wins or loses? I'm interested to hear from you all on this.

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slb159 said...

I've placed second in a Mook once when Surf sucked out on me (well, it was a flip...I had TT and he had two overs), and got a third once and made the $ one other time, but never won one.

So you got one on me...not saying much due to my skill level (haha), but don't sweat it. You'll be back in the driver's seat soon enough.

Best of luck.