Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sick of it all (or that WAS the title before another good Mookie. How about yippieKI-A?

The alarm went off at 5:50 a.m. Wednesday, or exactly three seconds after I finally went back to sleep after a hiatus longer than "Jericho."
It started when Kate brought Jayden to bed at 4 a.m. to "encourage" him to drift back into toddler dreamland. It continued with my wife's snoring, who, bless her pregnant heart, is beginning to sound like the mating call of a warthog when she drifts off to dreamland. It was further helped by the big yellow dog, who decided that this would be a great time for a belly rub and maybe he'd better push himself up by my nose to receive one.
It ends tonight, with a suddenly stuffy nose, an achy body and a half-assed attitude toward The Mookie, although I find myself looking forward to it with every second. Something needs to go right today.
It's the perfect situation. If I do well, I get grub, a good time and the admiration of millions of bloggers worldwide. If I suck, I get to go to sleep and help my little white blood cell soldiers fight off whatever seems to think it can just move into my body and take over, like a crack addict moving into an empty building. Squatters rights!

• • •
Made the first break, sitting at T2700, in 8th place. Playing a little too tight, as usual, but won a big hand with a set of 4s on a 2,3,4 flop.

• • •

Top 5 things my wife (who is preggers with twins, in case you didn't know or have chosen NOT to enter the baby pool, which is all of you) has heard this week:
5) Wow, didn't you just have a kid? And now you're pregnant again?
4) Are you overdue (not even close)?
3) Holy cow you've gotten big!
2) Are you having triplets?
1) Are you supposed to be that big.

Here's a hint. Pregnant women don't like to be reminded three times a day that they are huge. They know they are huge. Kate has TWINS in her belly. She knows she is big.

• • • 

Second break I am chip leader after turning into such a card rack that you could hang me in Tiffany's. I bust Fuel, one of my mentors, with AA against his K,Q sooted.

Oh, and speaking of the Mookie...

I'll take 4th and a $42 cash any day.

I've completely forgotten about my cold. This makes three final tables in a row for me at The Mookie. I hope this gives me some much needed confidence in the future. Congrats to Astin for taking down an inevitable title. I knew it was only a matter of time for the raisy-daisy frog.

I'm going to bed. I just started to feel achy again.


TripJax said...

Nice job yo. Kickin' ass and takin' names.

Remind me details of the pool and I'll get in on it...

The Poker Enthusiast said...

Good job last night. I new I was behind in that hand but I gave myself the right price to call. well played by you.

jjok said...

good job last night......

also, wait till they are born. That's when the REALLY fun conversations begin.

Astin said...

Congrats on the cash, it always feel good to leave with more than you started with.

Chipper said...

Hurrah for the Colorado contingent! Hope you are all caught up on your sleep.

So, if Fuel is your mentor, how much are you paying him for his advice?