Saturday, April 28, 2007

A very special episode of "Intervention"

Preview: On the next "Intervention"....

Voice over: A family struggles to overcome its addictions.
A father gambles too much.

Dad, aka Pokerpeaker: "Dammit! Why do I continue to play sooted connectors? They never hit! And I HATE QQ! And why do you leave the computer on at night if you don't want me to play before I go to bed?"
Mom, aka Kate: "We could have had a dinner together at McDonalds with the money you just lost!"

Voice over: A mother, pregnant with twins and due ANY MOMENT NOW, falls in love with naps.


Voice over: And a toddler named Jayden enters into treatment for pacifier addiction.

Jayden: (Frantic sounds). WWAAAAAAAAA!
(Dad puts pacifier back in Jayden's mouth)
(Jayden gets contented, almost dreamy, look on his face)

Three family members. Three struggles with addiction. On the next "Intervention"


TripJax said...

Good stuff dude...

Chipper said...

For your own sanity's sake, don't give up on all of your addictions. You'll need some form of escape during those long days and nights. You're going to have to trade in those long 3+ hour sessions in favor of a 30 minute or less cash ring game. It can be done during the day when they sleep.

PokahDave said...

We had throw the binkys away......cold turkey! My daughter missed them badly but we sort of started using them too pacify (keep quiet) other words.....she stopped talking. She's fine now but there were tons of good reasons to get rid of the Binky cold turkey....according to the pediatrician. That being said...I would CRY LIKE A BABY...if somebody took away my new laptop PC or high speed internet!!!!!!!