Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Scenes from a super snowstorm

We're holed up here, in the homestead, while a blizzard cripples our state.
I know all you
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  • go through this five times a year, even in July, but for the rest of us, even us Coloradans, a storm that dumps two feet of snow (as it's supposed to by the end) with winds that propel the snow sideways, tends to give us all pause.
    I, of course, had to be outside covering the storm while everyone else sat in their easy chairs and sipped on hot chocolate.
    Poor me.
    It's times like these that make me really want to keep online poker around. I can't go see my longtime friend at Old Chicago's just a couple miles away, but I can play poker with y'all all over the country.
    If we haven't resorted to cannibalism by then.

    Here's a guy snowshoeing on our neighborhood street:

    Here's another house in our neighborhood:

    And this is from our house:


    CarmenSinCity said...

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!! That is quite a snowstorm. At least you'll probably have off school tomorrow :)

    peacecorn said...

    I love your new look... but where did your awesome banner go?

    smokkee said...

    Drizztdj said...

    That's a decent storm there.

    We might get a few hours of work off for that type of storm :)