Sunday, December 10, 2006

Notes from a casino

Jealous, green and just plain pouty as I was about not being in Vegas with all y'all, we decided to hit up Black Hawk for some Colorado $2/5 limit poker (the only game in town).

Man, oh, man, are those players bad. Which is good. Unless you get a hand and it loses to 8,3 os when the guy hits his two pair. Which is bad. Unless you also get a straight and get paid off by five players to the maximum when they pair, second pair, two pair, ?, and A high. I saw both of those Saturday night.

I got no hands the whole night and was looking at a $100 loss after four hours of play. The two times I got TPNK, both times they lost to an overpair and a straight. The only other time my overpair lost to K,3 when she called my raise with a pair of 3s. I had won two small pots. I honestly was thinking about ditching my discipline and just playing everything hoping it hit like everyone else. Perhaps I didn't do that because I wanted to feel good about my play, and I also had one of my best friends there (Dono in the three wise asses blog; the link is to your right) and wanted to stick by the lecture I gave him about playing solid. So many others at our table were just burning through money, calling every hand, even raises, in the hopes of catching that 10 percent card. I refuse to play that way, even if it does work sometimes. Even recreational poker should be taken seriously, and quite frankly, $2/5 limit poker is still quite a bit for my overall bankroll.

Kate and Dono's girlfriend were ready to go, so we gave them a half-hour deadline. After making my only mistake of the night, calling down with J,A and top pair on the board when I knew I was beat, I bought in for my last $40 and hoped to hang on to it for a half-hour.

Not long after, I'm dealt K,Q. Wow. A decent hand. I call the $2 blind, ready to call a raise, and four others join me.
The flop comes K,Q,x, two hearts. I raise when three call the $5 bet from the first player. Two others call.
Blank on the turn, and I raise the bet again when it comes around to $10. Both call.
The 9 of hearts falls on the river. Shit. If someone was chasing a flush (likely), I'm done, and if someone was chasing a straight (likely), I'm done. Neither, however, bet it, and so I bet $5, thinking I'm good. Both call. Shit.
One has a K, weak kicker, and the other had nothing, like a Q or something. She mucked.
Top two pair goot!
And suddenly I'm down only $20 for the night.
I've never felt better about losing $20 in my life.

• I totally destroyed my opponents in the Gun game for the X-Box (all right, so I"m a little behind on video games, you try playing when you're addicted to poker and you've got a little one) in a Texas Hold Em tournament. The players weren't very good.
I took notes, but then I realized how geeky that was and stopped.

• I really enjoyed my six-mile run Sunday. It was actually 50 degrees here instead of negative whatever. Positive temperatures are good.

• I hope you're having fun.

• My fantasy team sucks now. Great time for it too.

• So do my Chiefs. Great time for it too.

• The home, at least, is unpacked. Feels so good.


Chipper said...

It's been a while since I went up to Black Hawk and Central City. I had some luck at the Fortune Valley poker room playing 2/5. Some of the locals are nut cases, many of which like to bet out of turn just to get into your head.

Probably the best poker room up there was in the Gilpin Poker Room. It was newly renovated last year and had a very nice atmosphere. There were a couple of really good players there when I sat down and I didn't catch any cards either.

I heard packs of locals hang out and love to do nothing but cap the betting pre-flop on many hands. It can get expensive at some of those card rooms - so be sure to watch the action for a bit before sitting down.

BiggyPix said...

If I get back in time from Christmas shopping, I plan to play the Mookie tonight...if you can make there...

BiggyPix said...

by the way biggypix is tripjax...i was just logged in under one of my other blogs and forgot...