Saturday, December 16, 2006

20 questions

1. Is this really the most wonderful time of the year?
2. Don't you think Waffles is kinda sweet on Carmen?
3. And did you think he was 17? I was stunned to see his photo.
I mean that in the nicest way, too. The guy seems to have too much energy!
4. Is it wrong to head to a casino over your Christmas break with your mom and dad?
5. Just once?
6. Would you play limit or no limit at said casino if you're bankroll isn't huge, but you usually play no limit?
7. What do you tell yourself after yet another 80 percent bad beat knocks you out of yet another tournament to make yourself feel better?
8. Besides "That's Poker?"
9. Is check raising the lamest move in poker?
10. What's geekier, my obsession with fantasy football, Gun the video game or watching "Lord of the Rings" again?
11. Isn't Gracie a sweetie?
12. Isn't Drizz funny?
13. Isn't TripJax just cool?
14. Can anyone help me change this format?
15. Can I stop at 15?



SirFWALGMan said...

Watch out or I will do a pictorial on you!!!! lol.

TripJax said...

1. Maybe
2. Yes
4. No
5. Play what you know yo.
7. "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darnit, people like me."
10. LOTR
11. Absolutely
12. Absolutely
13. So blatantly cool it hurts.
15. Yes

HighOnPoker said...

I'll just choose a random assortment to answer:

4. Wrong? It's downright necessary. We go every year to AC for X-mas with me, my parents, my bro and his girlfriend, and another family.

6. It depends on the max buy-in. If its 1/2 NL, $500 max, I'd play limit. If its $300 max or lower, I'd play NL. Or, play NL but buy-in for short. I usually don't like this, but if you go this way, just wait for big hands, hope to double up, and then you can get into the real game. Only play limit if you are comfortable with it.

7. I say to myself, "I'm glad I got that out of the way. Now I know that statistically there is no chance that it will happen again. Whew!"

9. Check raising is hardly the lamest move in poker. Slow rolling is probably the lamest move. Check raising is actually one of the most bad ass moves, but still much less bad ass then bluff check raising. Now that's one bad mother ((Shut yo' mouth!)). Wha' baby? I'm just talkiong about bluff check raising!

10. Lord of the Rings is the geekiest of the three. On that note, how is Gun? Is it only good as a multi-player game online or does it stand up on its own as a single player game?

11-13. No. But if you rearrange the adjectives you might get a yes. Gracies is funny, Drizz is cool, and Tripjax is a sweetie.

14-15. Yes. Accept the Lord into your life and all things are possible.

Drizztdj said...

Tonight we play SnG. Make much money.

JL514 said...

1. No
2. I'm too new to this 'circle' to answer that
3. Yes, figured he was much younger too
4. No, I went with my grandparents once. Free meal.
5. =D
6. NL. Play your game.
7. "I'll go tell my parents my Bad Beat story."
9. Absolutely not, but in home games it does get tedious.
10. Gun by FAR. The game wasn't even that good. Did you not beat it yet? For PC or PS2? If PC, I could recommend a million better games.
11. Too new again.
12. Just started reading :-x
13. Yes. Very Yes.
14. It actually looks pretty good to me. Nice and clean.
15. Only if I can.