Monday, October 02, 2006

Run like hell or storm the wall?

I have no idea what to do.
Should I accept that the man has won this battle and pull all my money or keep it there and see what happens?
I would love to say fuck you and continue to play.
But I don't want to lose that money either.
Here are some questions that I don't know if anyone can answer:
• Neteller is an offshore account. How, then, do the laws pertain to them?
• Is Neteller solely for poker accounts? Can a bank legally reject a transaction just because the money is PROBABLY for poker?
• Can't Neteller send us a check? Does the company have to act through a wire transfer? So if we just kept the money in Neteller and received checks from them, isn't that a way to skip the law?
• When would the law go into effect? As soon as Bush signs it?
• Is there any real way a bank can pour over every individual account and reject it based on a wire transfer that MIGHT be for poker? I'm not buying it. I really don't think banks want to enforce this law and could care less.

I guess I'll pull money from my fringe accounts. I'm tempted to pull from Full Tilt but I don't want to do that just yet. I'm also tempted to pull from Absolute and screw the PSO bonus. But I also want to see what happens first.

• I really hope this is all much ado about nothing.

• What is everyone else doing?


TenMile said...

Just a note meaning nothing - you do know, do you not, that the US Government can open mail when ever it wants?

No new laws would be needed.

chipper said...

There seems to be a run at the bank so to speak in regards to online poker bankrolls. Many are paniced and are trying to get their money out.

Me? I'm not too worried. I never put that much into online poker anyway. If it all gets locked up then I'll slap myself and write it off as a bad investment. I think Neteller will just wait for the quake to settle down a bit then allow transactions to continue again.

I doubt anyone will be putting new money in anytime soon though.

It's time to start getting focused on what we, the general American public, is going to do about this new wave of prohibitionism. Get out your pens and pencils boys and girls. We've got a lot of campaigning and letter writing to do. Time to stop this kind of legislative behavior before it gets worse.