Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Results from last night:

• Two $8 beginner SnGs from Bodog, played at the same time:

First - $16 profit
Third - $4 profit

$20 profit. Not bad for an hour's work!

• $10 NL cash game played while playing the SnGs

$5 profit

• $100 NL cash game on Full Tilt:


This doesn't make me a shark because sharks can take on the badasses as well as the guppies.
Apparently, lately, I'm really good at shredding guppies by the mouthful and losing to the sting rays and barracudas at the $1 NL tables.
I think this makes me a scavenger type, or a type of fish that feeds on the bottom feeders and dead money.

I am poker crustacean.

P.S. Tonight I will continue to crawl along the botton depths as I'll be hunting for tokens on Full Tilt in preparation for the DADI tournament!!!!

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