Monday, October 02, 2006

My game plan

OK, after reading through the stories and information online, here's what I'll do:

• Pull all but $50 from my Full Tilt account.
This, of course, assumes that Full Tilt stays in the market.
• Pull all money from other sites such as Poker Room and Hollywood Poker. Those two sites got me started, and I would love to stay, but I have to consolidate at this point.
• Work like hell to work through my Absolute Poker PSO bonus.
When I do that, pull the money out of Absolute Poker.

• Continue to play poker at Full Tilt as often as I possibly can (see above for caveat).
• Continue to read about what others are doing.
• If Full Tilt does pull out, find a site that will accept U.S. players, see if it matches with PSO or VPP and play there.
• Deposit no more than $100 in that site and pull any money I win over $100 from there once a week into Neteller.
An incredible pain in the ass, but right now, until I'm assured that things should be OK, then I'll have to do that.
If I lose that $100, then I do. I've won far too much from online poker to completely just give up. I figure $100 is worth the risk.

• If things do get as bad as the Chicken Littles say they will, then:
— Cry
— Look into setting up an offshore account?
— Fuck it and try to play live poker as much as I can. Any suggestions for finding underground games in your cities? (Actually, I do have some resources here from my reporting; I wonder if I could work them and find games around town).
Also, go up to Black Hawk more often.

What is everyone else doing?

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