Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stunned silence

In Colorado here, we worry as much about tornadoes as much as we do hurricanes or earthquakes or maybe nuclear war.
So the mile-wide tornado that just tore through our neighbors yesterday didn't so much as destroy homes, although it did that, and flattened cars, although it did that too. It also stunned us, just completely reduced us to blinking, silent journalists as we worked on one of the stories of the century.
Yes, I'm fine, and yes, the family is fine, and yes, even our home is, thankfully, OK. A few miles down the road, people were not so fortunate, and that's what I covered this afteroon. I am completely, totally drained. I really don't even know what to feel.
I was a reporter in Kansas for a number of years, and I covered a few tornadoes that demolished homes, but I've never seen the kind of complete devastation I saw today. I've seen a home or two destroyed, but this was block after block after block of crushed homes.
I've said this before, but I'm always amazed at how generous people are during these events. All I had to do was show up with a notepad and people told me their stories. I really think they wanted to this time. I'd like to think it seemed to help. All I could do was sit there, take notes and shake my head.
I'm sorry, I said, and cursed how hollow it sounded, even if it was sincere.
You can check out over coverage today on our Web site. But as of right now, I'm going to go home.
And I'm going to hug my kids.


lightning36 said...

Glad to hear you and your family are okay, Peaker.

BadBlood said...

yeah, ditto on lightning's comment.

Mondogarage said...

Thanks for letting us know, and glad to hear you and yours are okay.

StB said...

A mile wide tomato? Did you get sauced?

Someone has to lighten the mood a bit here. Glad to hear the family is intact.

Chipper Dave said...

The tornado was certainly a wake up call. I was working in an office building in east fort collins and we were told to evacuate our cubicles to get to the center of the building. Lots of hail but the tornado went east of us by a mile or two. Drove home to Greeley and saw the mess near the State Farm building. Not a pretty site. It could have hit Greeley but decided to veer west and miss us. Feel bad for the Windsor folks.

$mokkee said...

close call. better than dodging bullets.

Kristin said...

I'm still in shock and I haven't seen it. I know people in Windsor who haven't even been allowed to their neighborhood yet... and Will and Alicia's place is apparently quite the mess with broken windows and ruined floors, etc.

I'm so glad that everyone we know is safe an unharmed.

pokertart said...

Glad to hear you and your family are ok.