Sunday, May 11, 2008

Samatha Fox

I used to have a thing for Samantha Fox.
I fell hard for her for at least a couple weeks - hell, maybe even a month - when I caught her video on "Friday Night Videos."
You remember that show, right? Oh you do so. Don't be coy. Back in 1983 it was the only way I could catch music videos because my parents refused to spring for cable. Cable, back then, was a luxury enjoyed by only the most spoiled of my friends. I still remember the guy who had a ColecoVision.
It was the raddest show on TV. ZZ Top and the car and those chicks! Def Leppard's "Photograph!" That three-part interview with David Lee Roth in bed when shamed and insulted Quiet Riot! And the awesome cartoon introduction and...OK I'll stop.
Problem was, it was on late, like midnight, and our house by then was usually freakin' cold because my parents also believed saving money meant turning the heat down to, I think, 45 degrees because we were asleep and therefore didn't need the warmth. So I'd use this little space heater, which would inevitably put me to sleep, probably because of all the gases it emitted to heat the room.
Fox's video for "Touch Me," one of my favorite early 80s songs, was on last, probably because it wasn't that much of a hit, and I remember watching a slit of the beginning out of my sand-soaked eyes, and when she appeared, I bolted right up.
So today it suddenly occurred to me that I could watch her video RIGHT NOW on YouTube, and the 12-year-old in me stabbed me in the liver and demanded I sneak a peek.
And I went to the video.
And I was laughing hysterically about a third of the way through.
It held up about as well as the mullet I wore my senior year in high school.
I mean, she's still a hottie...and I still like the song.....but....

Seriously, what the hell was I thinking?

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Brooker Douglas said...

My favorite line? "Like a tramp in the night..." which implies, of course, that she isn't a tramp herself, but only behaving like a tramp because the subject of her song got her so corked up.
Like a...? Oh Samantha. The word tramp was invented for skanks like you.