Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Haiku contest

I'm entering a Haiku contest for three reasons:
1. There's always a chance, however slight, of me winning something, and I like winning somethings.
2. I haven't done anything to make an Old Milwaukee beer can fall on my head in, say, the last 24 hours.
3. Haiku is fun.

Here are my three entries:

"Only Gets Better"
When you have twin baby chicks
Your faith gets shaken

Why are they called twins?
Together, they have the strength
To drive us both wild.

In between the poops
the spitting up and no sleep
comes the joy of twins

And here's my poker Haiku:

Oh, goodie, A-A.
Yet another chance for donks
To make me red-faced.


TripJax said...

That's good stuff right there folks...

Gydyon said...

I'm good at haiku.
Won a trip to Camp Fillmaff!
He never paid up.