Saturday, February 17, 2007

Say Hello World to a new blogger contest

Say hi to Baby A. Or maybe it's Baby B.
Already I can't tell them apart.
One of the advantages (one of the FEW advantages) to having twins is you get ultrasounds every month, and your insurance company has to pay for them, given that they are a requirement and not something you just do to find out if your baby has a stem on the apple or not (in both cases, still not, which is cool because after raising a hyperkenetic electron toddler boy, I'm hoping for something slightly less, well, active).
And that brings me to my point.
I believe my audience is my family, a few friends, some virtual poker buddies and quite possibly some baby lovers now that a twins site that I highly recommend (link to the right) even if you DON'T have twins has linked me. Well, all of you might be interested in this.
I want to start a baby contest.
I thought about some sub-categories for all you degenerates who have to gamble on everything, including the opening coin toss, but let's just make this easy, OK?
The category is When Will The Babies Be Born?
This is a fun one for twins. I"m not going to help you out too much (Daddy gets to pick a date too), but basically it's wide open from 34 weeks on. Some mothers carry all the way to 39 weeks or beyond, some have them at 33 weeks.
The official due date, meaning full gestation, was June 3.
Here's a little handicapping. The babies are growing normally for one baby, let alone two. They are a pound-and-a-half each. The average weight for twins is a little more than 4 pounds. Kate had a perfect pregnancy with Jayden and delievered two days before her due date.
Good luck.
I don't want to make this too complicated, but I'll allow three picks per date. Once that date is full, no more, so it's first-come, first-serve. I'll split it if I do get more than one, BUT the person who picks it first gets a bit more.
I also thought this as a fundraiser for the twins, but I don't want to be crass, so all the money that goes through me will be given to the person closest to the date.
It's $5 to enter. Since this is just outright gambling instead of poker, we can use any money system we want instead of Neteller and our government won't care. You can get it to me in three ways:
1) In person, where I"ll keep it in a white envelope in a secret location.
2) By PayPal. My email is
3) My Poker Stars or Full Tilt accounts. I"m pokerpeaker on both of those. If you do that, however, let me know through e-mail so I can keep track of it.
This is most definitely a one-time offer. Let's just say the doctor will, er, TAKE CARE of me as soon as I know those babies are healthy. Apparently I"m dangerous.
You can enter up to five times.
If you have any questions, reach me at the e-mail above or simply comment on the site. And save the "how could you gamble on your own children" lines, please. This doesn't benefit me in any way, and I think there was a Brady Bunch episode once about a baby pool. We're just having fun here.

* * *

We've had famine (well, I was puking and hungry and couldn't keep anything down except Jello), we've now had floods (a flood of snow, does that count) and the only thing left is fire or a horde of locusts to keep me from skiing. I was going to go this weekend for the first time this year but all highways are closed because of...snow.
The irony kills me.
Now THAT is a bad beat worth writing about.
I don't know if I"ll get to go skiing at all this winter. I'm just cursed is all. The fire will probably be in March, when global warming kicks in and melts all of it.

Good luck in the pool. Let's have some entries!

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