Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Run those stairs a second time

Come out tonight to this:

When in the biggest upset since the 1980 U.S. Hockey Team took down a bunch of much larger and angrier men on ice I took down the last Mookie. I'll be "defending" my title tonight, meaning I'll be handing off the crown like a former Miss America to the next lucky contestant, probably by the first hour.
Complicating things is the fact that I"m Mr. Mom tonight, so I hope the toddler cooperates when Daddy whispers to him that he needs him to sleep so he can fold his way to a sixth place cash.
I think I'll make the Razz event too as I love Razz.

* * *

I had a good time playing some (actually a lot) of hold em with CC of Quest of a Closet Poker Player last night. The closet player himself came out of the closet to crack my KK with A,5 and destroy my K,Q with top pair with his set of 3s.
I tried $2/$4 limit for the first time and thought I did well until the very end, when after three tough hands I finished $35 down in a bit of a daze. That's nothing to what CC suffered yesterday, but I was still bummed, considering several times I was up quite a bit, and I've always prided myself on not donking off a good night.
CC had several good suggestions for my game (including the shocker suggestion of the century, raise more preflop, gosh I thought I was pretty LAG, I guess not).
Thanks, man.

* * *

I have had ONE entry for the baby pool. I have heard some rumblings that more want to enter.
To enter, send me $5 via Paypal (dengl5@earthlink.net) or via my Poker Stars or Full Tilt accounts (I'm pokerpeaker).
Tell me what you think the birth date will be of the twins in the email you send me.
If this is a dumb idea let me know, too. I thought it would be fun. I'm not profiting from this at all. This might just be stupid. Maybe a little pimping would help?
The official due date is June 3 but twins, as you might guess, don't get carried for 40 weeks. So what will it be?

Edit: I actually don't know if I'll enter. I think I have an unfair advantage to inside information. And I don't want people to think this pool is as rigged as online poker.
I've also had people wonder when they can enter.
Well, OK.
The deadline is APRIL FOOL'S DAY.
April 1.

And some want data. I'll post data when I know it.
Here's what I know now.
Kate had a great pregnancy with Jayden. She was dead on on the due date last time and had a quick and (relatively) easy delivery.
Mostly what I hear is we are lucky to carry twins 35 weeks, although a twins blogger just told me she went 39 weeks with hers. The babies are growing normally right now, meaning it's possible Kate could have them sooner or later, depending on your thought process.
The official due date is June 3.
We're going to consider ourselves "on call" from mid-April on.
And if we do have a scheduled C-section (Kate didn't need one the first time), that date still counts, so good guess.
Three slots per date. You can enter up to five times.
Good luck.


bayne_s said...


It was good playing with you and CC last night. Every night is better when the RNG smiles on you.

May try to knock you off in Mookie tonight.

Congrats on the twins. I have had a co-worker whose wife carried twins to term but they were he 8th & 9th kids. One was 8 lbs 10 oz, other was 9 lbs 2 oz and she cam back with a 13 pounder as next child. Know another couple that had twins then triplets 2 years later (they always looked tired)

bayne_s said...


In limit Hold'em I subscribe to an almost ABC Poker approach in Early position. Still tight in later position but from CO and Button I may occaisonally try to steal the blinds if circumstances warrant. From BB I am likely to defend with almost anything. I think CC subscribes to a more LAG approach from any position.

After 110 hands last night I had seen 9 of 12 flops from BB, 5 of 12 from SB and 13 flops from other positions.

My stats also had me winning 7 pots without showdown and 6 of 6 pots with showdown.

Certainly seeing 13 flops outside the blinds and winning 13 pots as well as winning 100% of showdowns will make for an profitable night at tables. Variance is going to bite me at some point after a run like that.

Can't say I noticed anything suspect about your game while at the table and missed how your stack had suddenly decreased as O8 tournament I was also in was getting close to money. In casinos -EV games I am good at setting floors where when up I set a limit to how much money I will drop before getting up from table.
In poker it is harder to stick to that because you end up losing to an individual and when they made a bad play and won you "know" they will give money back to you.

Most important thing about playing styles is to play one you are comfortable with, be it tight or loose. I think most important thing about choosing levels is playing one high enough that you respect the money but low enough that you aren't playing scared.

Craig said...

I'm in on the contest, but I'll take a little time before choosing. Need more data from Mrs Peaker...

Stacie said...

I think the pool sounds fun, but I know from experience that I always lose these things.

Stacie said...

Oh, and just to throw a loop into your betting pool, I went 39+ weeks with my twins...