Friday, February 17, 2006

Plans for Saturday a month ago: Climb Crystal, a Centennial, one of the highest mountains in Colorado, via a snow route near Breckenridge.
I'm going for the top 100 mountains in Colorado now that I've climbed all 54 14ers in Colorado. I have about 40 left.
Average temperature a month ago in Greeley: 50 degrees.
Overall attitude toward the climb: Good. I'm in great shape and the weather, although very snowy in the mountains, has been great.

Plans for Saturday a week ago: Climb Crystal.
Temperature last Saturday in Greeley: 30 degrees but sunny in the mountains.
Overall attitude toward the climb: Good. I'm looking forward to it.

Plans for Saturday as of Friday night: Poke my head out of my hole and shiver and scurry back in.
Temperature as of Friday night: -8. Wind chill of -25. (Which, by the way, is 8,000 feet lower than Crystal).
Overall attitude toward the climb:

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