Monday, February 20, 2006

Am I good or am I lucky?

Last night I had one of those nights when I could have probably played 80 percent of my starting hands.
I saw K,K three times and more Aces than anyone playing Pete Sampras in his prime. A,Q and A,K came at least six times each in an hour, and I also saw A,J. I saw pocket pairs, although they were usually low. My only complaint was I never saw A,A.
But, despite all that, I managed only to book a $18 profit, or 72 BB in the hour session.
I'm certainly not complaining. I'm clearing a bonus at Hollywood Poker (one of many, by the way, that site is really good about reloads), so any profit is well, bonus. But I felt a little guilty about the good fortune, that anyone could have at won something, given those hands.
In fact, I won most of my money in one hand, when I re-raised a dude with my second K,K and he raised me all-in. He had $15, so it was about half my stack at the time, and a third guy I had already pegged as a donkey stuck in his $8. I considered it, figured I was getting good odds on my money and called.
I will fold K,K - in fact, I did earlier last week — when I've pegged the guy as a good player and he has a big stack and bets most of it preflop. It's just a feeling I'll get. The guy wound up having A,A.
But I called this time. My heart sank when an A hit the river, figuring I was doomed because the guy probably had an A. The $15 guy had 10,10. The other guy? K,9. Ha.
So I got lucky.
This is what I struggle with. Am I lucky or am I good?
Wouldn't a good player, with those hands above, make a lot more money? Sure, the flops didn't really match the cards, but still...
I know the cards don't play themselves, but without luck, I'm no good. Does that make me good or just lucky when I get them?

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TripJax said...

I don't think you necessarily make big money just because you have good starting hands. You make money - and more importantly, avoid losing money - when you play your big hands appropriately once the board cards hit the felt.

The great thing is you are recognizing things very quickly and seem to be adjusting your play over time. It just sounds like you need to worry less about your cards and think more about the play on the felt and your position...

Keep up the good work...