Sunday, February 12, 2006

In the zone

The light is not only on, it's burning bright.
I hate braggy poker posts, and posting them, it seems, is a great way to invite the poker Gods to slap you down (as I've felt before).
But I want to talk about my progress.
I made $150 last week playing, at most, .25 NL and $5 tournaments. I am already, after one day, ahead $60 this week.
And I have not sucked out once.
Part of this, I think, is my move to full, 10-person ring tables. You're almost certain to find a donkey or two, and you get action on your monster flops. You have to have more discipline and patience, but that's not a problem for me, especially because I'm probably too patient anyway.
But most of it is just making great reads, great calls and even better raises.
I'm starting to know what people have, or, at the very least, I know when I'm beat and when I'm not beat.
Last night I had K,K in mp and raised 4x in a ring game. Four callers, and a flop of 7,10,3,6 rainbow. I bet half the pot, and all call. Shit.
Again, I'm first to act. I check and the other guy checks. A small bet from the third, and I raise. The two others fold, and the guy calls.
OK, I'm not worried by the board anymore, and if there's a two pair out there, the guy, a tight player, would have had to of called me with a lame hand. I have $18 of my buy-in,and I push all in.
He calls quickly.
He has QQ
Just like I thought.
If he had A,A, he would have re-raised me. If he had a straight, I don't think he would have contained himself. Most players at my levels don't.
But that's what I mean. I know when I"m beat now. Another time this week, I had J,J to an underboard, and a guy pushed all-in with his last $15, and I folded. He had two pair even though I knew he had 10,9. He was BB and would have called it with my raise, I thought. I was right.
Last Thursday, I had QQ and folded to KK.
And I had KK another time, and I re-raised a raise, and he re-raised me $10.
So I folded.
He had AA.
For many of, these seem like academic moves, but for a new poker player who is starting to see the light, they are starting to shine my path to poker semi-goodness.

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