Friday, December 02, 2005

On a rush

I am that person you hate.
The suckout King.
I've been on quite a rush the last couple of days, the kind of rush where you are a genius all the time for going all in with 10,10 because even though the guy turns over Q,Q you will win, and sure enough, you spike the 10 on the river for a $50 pot.
It's the kind of run when you can't get knocked out of a SnG, even though you go all in with 3,3 and the guy has K,K because you get the straight.
It's also the kind of rush when you have 3,3, sneak in cheaply, and you get 10,10,3 on the flop, and you raise, and you get not only one but two callers, and they both call your all in.
This is what makes poker so addictive. You scrape and scratch all year for runs like these, when you can do no wrong, even when you do wrong.
And the best thing? This follows a two-week struggle of missed flushes, frozen flops, horrible rivers and bad suckouts on your own. You were down, way down at Hollywood trying to clear a bonus, and the only thing that helped you was your old standbys, the SnGs.
I hope this lasts tommorow, Saturday. I love the confidence I feel right now, the action, the hands coming my way.
The trick is to keep the confidence but forget about these last couple of nights. They don't happen all the time. They don't even happen most of the time.
But when they do, well, that's why we play poker.

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