Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The greatest tournament I ever played

400 entrants.
A nice prize at the end.
Mom and the fam rooting for me on a vacation to KC.
The baby all happy and ready for bed.
A cold beer by my side.
Full from dinner, bladder empty.
A pre-apology from me to Mom and her new husband and my wife that it might take three hours, but I finally have time for a fun MTT because I'm on vacation.
I register.
I'm excited.
First hand, I have a flush draw.
The third spade falls.
Sweet, a good start.
The guy pushes me all in.
He has two pair.
He gets his full house on the river.
I'm done.


TripJax said...


The Greatest Tournament I "Never" Played.

pokerpeaker said...

lol, exactly, trip

TripJax said...

It's crazy, you can baby proof beyond belief and somehow, when they're crawling around, they'll find that lone piece of tape (or whatever) and immediately stuff it in their mouth. Without fail!

Good luck with all that Peaker. LOL.