Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bless you, Poker Gods

OK, OK, Poker Gods, after making me your Job, you have rewarded me with riches. Thank you for flopping me two straights and giving me a table full of donkeys who thought they could bluff me off with a pair of sixes after one measly check from me BOTH times. Thank you for challenging me with four suckouts on an SnG and yet allowing me to win the second one. Thank you for giving me trip aces. Thank you for actually allowing me to win with a pocket two pair for once.
I know now you were just making me a much better player. I can feel it. I will be more cautious now of three suits on one board, of paired boards, of straight draws, no matter what I have in my hand. I know now two pair is not a monster hand, nor should it be treated as such.
Thank you Poker Gods. No need for another massive, painful streak ever again. I am humble, now, Poker Gods. You won't find me bragging about my good fortune ever again.
Bless you. I will say five statements from the Theory of Poker in your honor tonight.


GaryC said...

Hey Peak,

Thanks alot for stopping by my blog and commenting. I really appreciate it.

And yes, I am a fairly normal guy in the middle of a soul-crushing downswing right now, but am working hard to get out of it.

Keep up the good work here. I'll link you up soon.


TripJax said...

I dig your blog name.

Good stuff...

pokerpeaker said...

Thanks guys!!!

P.S. I'm a mountain climber and poker player, hence the name.