Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two years and counting

Despite the cliche, life doesn't always change in an instant. We heard the news 21 weeks into Kate's second pregnancy. We were expecting a baby much like the last one. We expected diapers. Late night feedings. Occasional bursts of screaming.
We just didn't expect twice the amount.
Life did not change the moment we heard the news. It took time. We redid the nursery - Jayden got booted to the smaller room, something I'm sure we'll hear about when he's 14. We redid our lives - I became more of a runner and less of a mountain climber. We redid our expectations. We knew it
 would be hard. We didn't know how hard, but we tried, anyway.
Life changed every day, before, during and after they were born.
Two down and a lifetime of changes to go.

It's been a crazy, hectic, trying, sometimes impossibly difficult but unique, special and kinda wonderful two years.

Happy Birthday Andie and Allie. I love you:


BWoP said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful twin daughters.

And congrats to Kate and you for surviving.

I wish you all many, many, many happy moments to come.

BadBlood said...

Here's to life getting easier, ever so slowly for you. And congrats on the milestone, Happy Birthday from the Bloodclan.

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday to the girls! This post gives me hope that we will make it too! LOL