Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nothing surprises any longer

I'm really having a hard time understanding why there's so much outrage over Manny Ramirez getting nailed for steroids. 
I mean, really, steroids just don't get me outraged any longer. Or even angry. Or, to be honest, even into a minor tiff.
Because to be any of those things, I think, you have to be at least a little surprised. And I'm well past surprise. I don't think I'll be surprised at the news of any professional athlete taking a banned substance.
Mostly what I do these days is shake my head. If it's another baseball player, I shake my head and wonder if there will be anyone left to vote into the Hall of Fame, and I also wonder how much credibility that place is going to have in 20 years when none of the game's greatest players of this era will be there except for Ken Griffey Jr.
Honestly there's only two athletes that would really let me down if they ever tested positive for a banned substance, and that's Michael Phelps and Lance Armstrong. And I guess Phelps, technically, already's been caught for taking a banned substance, but I'm OK with that substance because he won't have to give his gold medals back. 
Maybe I'm merely hoping that Lance is clean because he's tested clean and I admire him so much.
As we've already seen, however, none of that is enough.


Mike G said...

I agree they make way too much of the steroids issue - it's tiring listening to the media go on and on about it. If it's such an issue, they should just test everyone randomly - and then have a uniform system of punishment for those who break the rules.

Riggstad said...

I'm angered. I'm angered because the league keeps messing this up. The heck with the players.

These are the top professionals in their sport. They must compete at the highest levels.

If using technology (and yes, that is what it is) is what it takes to stay at peak performance, or something they can use to hit 10 extra homeruns, or steal an extra 20 bases, or even be able to play day in and out at the highest level, who would think they wouldn't do it?

Especially if their peers are using, and especially if the league takes the stance that they seem to be taking. Which seems to be to be nothing more than, "Don't get caught" more than it seems to be "don't do it".

The issue becomes managements responsibility. The whole "testing" policy they came up with after the congressional hearings was bull shit, and patronizing to the fans.

Yet, they cry outrage whenever someone does show up with the juice.

Hypocrisy abounds at the upper levels of management in all sports when trying to prove their disdain, and tolerance for so- called cheaters.

And THATS's what pisses me off.

StB said...

I think we will need to give you a blood test next time in Vegas. You may be shooting up at the tables.