Sunday, January 11, 2009

The scavengers hunt

In many ways the twins are getting easier. They are finally - finally - finally - sleeping through the night, for the most part. I'll take for the most part.
They can entertain themselves for the most part, so we don't have to constantly carry one around. I'll take for the most part. In fact, I only want for the most part. I want them to rely on me occasionally. Or else I'm just a guy who wipes poop from their bottom and referees the increase fights over a plastic hot dog.
One thing, though, is harder, and it continues to drive me crazy.
It's the fact that I can't find anything.
We're constantly, and I do mean constantly, looking for juice cups, pacifiers and a special toy or 175 that continually get stuffed into dark corners, trash cans, under couches, in the shower and bathtub, in the toilet and behind the TV. For starters.
Now, given my slightly obsessive personality, I allow these things to bother me when they shouldn't. But they HAVE to bother me after a while, or else we would run out, and then we're supporting Target's toddler division by ourselves. Our house is already a potential treasure trove. Seriously, if a pacifier-driven toddler wants to become the next Indiana Jones, he could come to our house and explore. If he didn't find at least 125 after overturning our house, he needs to turn in his explorer's license.
Let's not even talk about our own stuff. Hairbrushes, toothbrushes, our cell phones, car keys and even my books (one of which found its way to their bath before we saw her with it) all disappear. We all Allie "Swiper" now because of the way she's constantly walking off with things.
This is probably hard with one, too, but it's especially tough with twins because you can't keep an eye on both of them all the time. Mainly you have to focus on the one who is in the most danger at that moment.
I have to make decisions like, OK, Allie is near the stairs, so I should watch that, and then oops, OK, Andie is now crawling up on the window ledge (don't get too horrified, the window is shut, at least most of the time), so she needs to come down, and oops, Allie just grabbed something sharp, get the idea.
I'd write more, but the girls are demanding juice, and I can only see one juice cup.


The Wife said...

I agreed to watch my friends twins at the beach (2 1/2 years old) so she could take a walk down by the water. The little boy decides to pick up his brother's glasses and start to bend them; the little girl takes off at full sprint toward the ocean. I'm thinking "Property damage? Or drowning?" I went "Drowning" and got to her just as a wave nailed her to the sand. Turned her over to her mother. Got back just in time to see her brother pop the lens completely out of the glasses and twist the frames.


Know what you mean . . . and I've only done it for a week.

APOSEC72 said...

Swiper, no swiping;
Swiper, no swiping;
Swiper, no swiping!

Yes, our two-year old loves Dora waaaaaay too much.

PokahDave said...

lol APOSEC...I'm in Dora hell myself!!