Friday, January 23, 2009

Competitive solatire

Before I discovered poker, I went through all kinds of games to ease my itch and find a way to quiet my busy brain for a few moments.
I went through Risk on my old black and white Macintosh, Cribbage, You Don't Know Jack trivia, but there was one thing that probably consumed me more than all others.
When I was in high school, Solitaire was my thing.
We used to greet each other as we filed into and out of the journalism room with "4K" or "7K!". That meant the points he/she scored on Solitaire on the tiny Macs we used to put the yearbooks and newspapers together. Calls like "All Four Aces" and "Boardlocked!" It was stupid to spend so much time on such a simple game. I was determined to never let it happen again, after I broke away from it from an intense rehab session of smacking my wrist with a rubber band every time I thought of it.
So I'm doing my best after discovering Game Duell .
Before you roll your eyes and think I'm just doing a shill post, I'm not. I just thought you'd want to know about this. It's a site that allows you to bet on Solitaire duels. You can play Solitaire, for real money (at low low low stakes). I played for a half hour the other day.
Somebody help me.


Cindy D said...

Hey Dan!
Thanks for the words of wisdom on my blog. I responded there but thought you might not see it...doing much better today! Nice to have running friends who know what to say. I've had worse runs, that's for sure. Hope you are well and hope to run with you soon!

Memphis MOJO said...

I've gotten hung up on Free Cell -- not sure why, dumb game, no competition, but addictive!