Saturday, April 05, 2008

12 hours of Wait

It's 12 hours before possibly the biggest game as a KU fan, at least the biggest in five years, and I wish I could fast forward the time.
I'm like a little kid waiting for 6 a.m. to appear on the clock so I can run downstairs and tear into the presents.
I'm not pissed at Roy anymore. I got to know him a little bit as a member of the basketball band, and he really is a great guy.
But I would really like to beat him today.
This whole thing sort of reminds me of a break-up, and most KU fans, like me, consider the whole Roy thing over. We're at the stage now where if we see each other at a party, we could talk to each other for a few minutes.
Although we also wouldn't mind showing off some babe or stud on our arm either.
That will come, I hope, in the form of a championship ring.

12 hours to go....

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kurokitty said...

Go Heels!