Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Interesting hand in the Bodog tourney

You're going to have to bear with me here because Bodog's hand histories are awful and so I don't really have specifics, but here goes:

Blinds/Antes are 1000/2000/200. Blinds are high, so an uncalled shove will get you a nice pot. I jumped from T27K, for instance, to T38K, simply by shoving over a raise two hands ago with Q-Q.

We're four handed. We've all made the money and that sweet T$109 overlay and we've all got a healthy chunk of points.

Yestbay, I believe, has T40K in chips, NewinNov has T35K in chips and I have T28K in chips.

You are in the big blind.

I have a pretty solid, tight image, as usual. If I ever not have that it means I'm either drunk, crazy frustrated with the twins or listening to too much hair metal.

A tight player, Yestbay, raises 3x UTG. The second seat folds. NewinNov (where's your blog dude?) shoves his entire stack in. NewinNov is solid but fairly aggressive.

An additional read: NewinNov won a big showdown with A-J four hands ago after he said, "Let's gamble. It's getting late."

You have A-Q.

What do you do?

(Rememeber, you are calling an all-in after a raise UTG from a tight player and a shove over the top).


$mokkee said...

i freakin hate AQ. it's a busto hand. fold that shizz.

Drizztdj said...

I fold if I'm paying attention, shove/call if I'm not because its a shiny Ace.

Fuel55 said...


yestbay said...

Discounting the fact that I was in this specific hand, I fold in this situation. The original raiser probably has a hand and may call the shove, putting me up against two players instead of just the one that I would want with AQ. Even heads up, AQ is a tough call if I am covered, unless I have a very short stack or a dead read on my opponent that he will push with a weaker hand.

lightning36 said...

Congrats of the Bodog finish.

StB said...

Look at it again, sigh, vow to buy StB a beer and fold. But only after step 3.