Sunday, February 24, 2008

Five Oscar Observations

1. Ever notice they get a really, really hot chick (Jessica Alba this year) to host the science and technical awards for the Oscars? It's the girl who those geeks probably whacked off to in high school but never had a tissue's chance in hell of asking out. It's like that's part of their reward, that for one night, the head cheerleader will fawn over them.

2. Yay! Diablo Cody won. I love it when terrific writers actually win something.

3. I thought Jon Stewart was only kind of meh, but then again, that's a job that no one really kills.

4. Best actress was quite a shock, eh?

5. Boy, they sure drag this out, don't they?

BONUS observation: They are sure proud of themselves.

(But I still love it all)

1 comment:

StB said...

I would be more impressed with Diablo Cody if I was more familiar with her early work.