Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My 300th post - sniff, sniff

No, I'm not all choked up for my 300th post. Instead I'm sitting at my desk here sniffing and sneezing and using sandpaper-like paper towels to wipe my ever-seeping nose and generally pouting and feeling pretty damn sorry for myself.
I swear, I should just build a plastic bubble with all the essentials (laptop, nachos, old episodes of High Stakes Poker), so I can move into it whenever I heard my kids sniffling. They are such little germ collectors. I mean we keep a pretty clean house. The kids don't play with rats, the house is reasonably picked up (it would probably horrify a representative from Better Homes and Gardens but it works for us) and we clean them up after every meal (as clean as they'll get, anyway; the only way to really do the job would be using a hose at one of those power car washes).
Yet they seem to pick up plenty of colds, and every damn time, I get it. I mean every time. There was a period before I had kids that I didn't get sick for four years. Now I am sick every couple of months. Ugh. This cold, of course, comes right before my favorite 5K of the year, the Turkey Trot for Thanksgiving, a race that got me started in running, when I was all proud of myself for actually finishing a 3-mile race.
I felt the cold coming on Saturday and Sunday, and I tried to ignore it. Denial, it turns out, does not beat a cold. I am starting to take mega doses of Vitamin C and something called Airborne and it seems to help. I did run today and it didn't seem to affect me too much, although I know my strength isn't where it should.
The girls just got FIVE shots today (ouch!) at the doctor's. I hope the wife had him throw in a cold shot or two. I guess they did get a flu shot.
I'm going to play the BoDonkey tonight for the first time in a while since the kids and Kate are down at her parents for the Thanksgiving holiday. I'll head down there after my race. That means extra time for poker and sweet, sweet sleep.

So I'll continue with this post after that.

OK, now I'm at my desk at home. I just finished the Bodog tourney. I finished 6th. Ran a desperate Q-10 into A-A. I got my money back. The rest got $109 in tournament dollars. If you aren't playing this tournament, well, why not? It's a great deal.

With no kids in the house, it's extremely tempting to stay up late, but I need to go to bed to get better. Arena Rock ruled the night. And I need to hit the hay.
Just as soon as I get through playing Grand Theft Auto.

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Drizztdj said...

I'm doing a Turkey Run with the family tomorrow as well :)