Friday, November 30, 2007

A hand from Riverchasers

You are dealt A-Q in MP.
Blinds are 200/400/75.
You, as usual, have a tight image, so you've been successful attacking checks and taking down pots mostly with continuation bets.
You have 6,500 chips, putting you in 12th place out of 40 runners left. Money is the top 9 spots.
You raise to 1,200.
Limper UTG calls. You have him covered but only by 400 chips.
Flop comes 9,9,3.
He checks to you.
The pot has a little more than 3,300 chips in it. You have about 5,000 left.
What do you do?


katitude said...

I realize that table image is meaningless in Riverchasers games and that Ewan McGregor is on the telly (so there's something to do if he comes up with a 9) and jam.

But that's just me, and we've all seen where that kind of play lands me.

Come to think of the opposite of what I'd do.

GaryC said...

Okay, you asked for it and my opinion will probably be the tightest you get on this hand.

Kat does exactly what I would do in that situation....unless I turn into old tighty whitey and check it back to him and fold on the turn.

I hate the hand, I hate the flop and I hate the limp/call from the other player.

A continuation bet commits you to the pot, so in this instance there are only two options: Jam or check/fold depending on your constitution.

Just my .02 cents,


Fuel55 said...

Fold out of turn and deny his quads.

HighOnPoker said...

I'm with Fuel. Fold here. You made your preflop bet because you had a good preflop hand. You were called, presumably, because your opponent also likes his preflop hand. The flop doesn't help you at all, and there is no way to tell if your opponent already had a pocket pair. His range is too wide and dangerous. Fold and live to fight another hand.

TripJax said...

lol...fold out of turn...i like it.

i bet 1200...if i'm called, i'm done with the hand. if he folds, woot! if he raises, i'm out.

that scenario keeps me from getting knocked out, but gives me a chance to win the pot. it is also an odd bet so it might confuse the player...

smokkee said...

AQ is the worst hand in the history of poker. check/fold that shit.