Saturday, November 18, 2006

Unsettled: Update

Well, it's a start...

Now I know this isn't QUITE the score that Iak just had. His is just a smidge more impressive. However, given my last post, and all that talk about feeling unsettled and all that, well, it's almost as if a box fairy decided to come to our house and unpack for us.
She unpacked my brain, that's for sure.
I raised with air many times, remained aggressive and yet not stupid, and used the good luck that came my way (and to be fair, there was quite a bit of it) to the max and took this down.
A new me? Maybe. It's not like I was a soft little twinkie before I started to change my style a bit. But, yeah, I'm feeling better about mixing it up now.
Ironically a cash game got me started for the night. I had KK, two called my raise, the board came Q,10,6, two diamonds. I bet the pot, and a guy raised me 3xs the pot. I thought for a bit and folded. I folded after my frustrating hands for the past hour, when Full Tilt was deciding to kick me in the nuts again and again and laughing merrily all the while.
He showed me A,A.
It reminded me that I am good at making pretty good laydowns, and that helped my confidence a bit.
OK, afterglow over. Be patient with me. Even the small victories count for something. They sometimes, after all, lead to $12K scores.
Right, Iak?


slb159 said...

Good work. Glad to see you mixing up your game. I don't read poker books, but understand the concept of changing gears.

I recall a post from doubleas stating that the resteal had become his favorite new move. I should try that a little more.

Paraphrasing from memory only:
"I reraised a pf raiser and saw a flop of AAK."
Something like that anyway. His opponent was a little short as well:
"I know that any bet from him would commit him to the pot, so when he checked, I checked."
Turn was a blank and so was the river.
"I bet 1000 chips on ther river and he folded...know what I had? 7,4"

Good grief...stupid good poker players.

AnJaka said...

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Anonymous said...

Laying down KK in a $5 SnG?

Wow, very impressive indeed.

pokerpeaker said...

It was in a cash game. I'm never very clear in this blog.