Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's not the game, it's the limits

That's it. I'm playing more Omaha.
.5/.10 Omaha, that is.
$25 profit from last night.
I basically broke even at Omaha before last night playing .25 PL Omaha, which I considered fine, given that the game is very, very cruel. You have a K-high flush? Someone has the A. You have a full house? Someone has a better one. You have a straight. The river just blew it up.
And yet that's also what makes the game so much fun.
But I also played far too tentatively. If I had a set I would still check if more than one person was in the hand, convinced that someone would draw out against me (and I was usually right).
At .5/.10, I felt comfortable to play a lot of hands, since Omaha is more about speculation and draws than simply waiting for pocket pairs, and I felt comfortable enough to bet the hands hard if I did, say, hit my set.
Plus the players are much worse at that level. Someone really thought they could use all four cards on the board if they had it.
I loved it.
I'm adding a .5/.10 game to my two .50 NL tables I play every night. Late last night (yes, I took my kid trick or treating, don't worry, the highlight was the house giving out bottles of booze for the adults), I was playing Omaha at Full Tilt, and I lost to a higher flush, a higher full house and a higher straight. Plus both my two pairs lost (as I expected them to).
And that cost me $2.
I love that game.

P.S. Bodog Omaha at .25 is basically the same thing. Just a tip.

P.S.S. See you at the Mookie tonight. I'll be the one bragging about tiny bottles of Jack Daniels.

P.S.S.S. Was anyone else a little disappointed that the WSOP and ESPN didn't think we could handle watching a final table of HORSE and so switched it to NLHE? All ESPN talked about was how hard it was to play all the games and how cool it was that all these players struggled...and then showed us NLHE the whole time.
I was enthralled with the players, and I loved the two-hour broadcast, but geez.


slb159 said...

Low-limit Omaha...multi-table it, dammit!

chipper said...

You found out my new secret hang out - in my case it's low limit Omaha Hi/Lo. Love the game!! Ya, you never feel good about a set or a straight, always potential for anything in this game. Worse of all - someone can take half the pot as well. I played at the .25/.50 limit tables on Stars last night and it was sweet! Up +20BB for my session. Heading back for more. Bring a net - plenty of fish.

pokerpeaker said...

Chipper, do you have a home game or anywhere in Greeley you play live?