Sunday, May 07, 2006


Last week:
Played poker. Finished up $100 for the week, playing mostly .25 NL and a few low-stakes SnGs.
Played Fable, a game on the X-Box, and a fun one at that. This is my second time. I'm evil this time. An evil badass. Grrr!
Feel good!
Ran a "mini" marathon, 15 miles, in 2:12, or about 9 minutes a mile.
Can barely walk.

Remind me, again, which activity is healthier?


TripJax said...

Dude, when I drive 15 miles I have to pull over and rest.

I'm impressed.

cc said...

When I do anything for two hours, I have to lie down. I'm with TripJax--the thought of transporting myself fifteen miles is currently beyond possible. Lucky I have my bum knee as a good excuse.