Monday, May 22, 2006

American Poker Idol

Am I the only one who hasn't fallen for the American Idol craze?
Don't these people see that the contestants are marginally talented, karaoke specialists who sing with about as much feeling as Huey Lewis? That the Simon/Paula feud is as tired as a Hulk Hogan/Sgt. Slaughter match? That the show has produced zero legitmate stars since it got lucky with Kelly Clarkson? I wonder what Reuben is doing these days, besides eating Twinkies.

Here's my idea for a reality show. Take 12 amateur, nickel-dime-quarter poker players and put them through the ropes. The Professor, already a TV star, could be the host/teacher, with special appearences by professionals such as Phil Ivey (shit, just have Full Tilt sponsor this and each one of its pros could do it) teach one thing a week (how to read the texture of the board, how to bluff, how to play a tournament, etc.), and at the end of the show, a tournament determines who gets knocked out. I suppose that could be determined by who has the fewest chips at the end of the tournament, or maybe they just play and Lederer and the pro committee votes off a player, maybe the one who played the weakest and not necessarily had his AA cracked so was first to get out.

The winner gets a seat to the World Series of Poker main event. We could even follow that person through the main event and see who he or she does.

And, yes, I'm available. :)


TripJax said...

Good idea it out man...get Ivey on the horn.

And for a guy who hasn't fallen for the craze, you sure know your American Idol info.


TripJax said...

I watch it when my wife watches it, but not a fan.

I love the early ones where they make fools of people. Once they start shilling Ford or whatever company I lose interest. I just thought your line was funny.

Just doing my part to poke and peak and know you are doing the same...


GaryC said...

Karaoke specialists? I'M a karaoke specialist, but you won't see my fat old ass on American Idol. Now if you have a honky tonk that needs rockin' during a karaoke show, I'm the man.

My wife watches EVERY show and just so you know, Carrie Underwood will be bigger than Kelly Clarkson ever thought about being, sales wise.

I like the poker idea and I will clear my schedule as well.