Wednesday, March 02, 2011

All A-Twitter

Well, we're a snarky bunch, aren't we?
Do you remember anything about Sunday's Oscars besides who won? Let me guess. You remember how much it sucked, right?
That's mostly what I remember too. But I don't remember the forgettable show. I remember the comments I made DURING the Oscars.
Here's a quick summary:
Anne Hathaway sucked. James Franco sucked. OMG THEY SUCK!
Only a lot snarkier and more clever and funny.
The thing is, looking back over those tweets, they weren't nearly as clever as I thought at the time.
This is the danger of social networking.
You can now release any random thought. And when you let them out of the cage, sometimes they bite back.
E-mail was the first to cause these problems. I tend to be a little, ahem, reactionary sometimes, and if I felt overworked, which is pretty common at a small newspaper and also for me cause I'm a bit of a stress bug, I'd spark off sometimes. I guarantee you if I had to say those things in person, I simply wouldn't. No email would have saved me a couple closed-door meetings.
Less serious, of course, is what twitter and Facebook are doing to us. It's turning us into a bunch of overtly clever, snarky, snippy smartasses.
Yes, Hathaway and Franco sucked Sunday. They were flippant, unfunny and unfocused.
Unfortunately I wasn't much better.


Schaubs said...

this sounds like DoubleDave's post...


pokerpeaker said...

Hmmmm...I didn't even realize that until you altered me to it. My thoughts aren't exactly original. Neither are his. It happens.

RBJonney said...

This is a pretty cool blog. i like it a lot

Libbie-Lea said...

There's the MacDonalds! (My favourite part..)

Lol.. <3