Friday, May 21, 2010


My wife texted me Wednesday night and asked if I could work from home Thursday morning because Andie was sick and we should probably keep Allie home too.
Normally, I'd groan at the prospect. I enjoy spending time with my girls, but I had a big story to write and sometimes I get caught up in my own self-importance.
Not this time.
Predictably, Andie and Allie put in their usual rate of two demands per minute. Juice. Potty. Juice again. Potty again. (See a pattern here?). Food. Candy. Cry when I say no to the candy. The movie "Up." Blocks despite the movie up playing. It makes it hard to do ANYTHING, let alone write a big story.
Normally I'd groan at this.
Not this time.
Predictably, as the morning wore on, Andie became fussy. She was cold. She was warm. She was not all-together. She was dramatic. She was "upset," as she put it. She wanted to see the computer. Even if it meant sitting on my chest so I couldn't write. Nothing would appease her. I was wishing good luck to her future boyfriend.
Normally I'd groan and roll my eyes at this and bemoan my bad luck.
Not this time.
Not that day.
Because that day, the body of Kayleah, a 12-year-old girl who lived in Greeley with her mother, was found Wednesday. Police hadn't officially announced that it was her yet, but everyone knew it was. Today they revealed that think she was murdered. Awful. Awful awful awful.
And my big story was a profile of the Greeley mother of a 23-year-old missing in Nepal since last month. Again, awful, even if there's still hope with this one.
When my daughters whined, I smiled. When they needed juice or milk or a thousand other things, I got it for them without complaint. And when they needed to snuggle, I put my computer aside and snuggled.
After all, they were with me. And I was damn lucky to have them there.


Otis said...

If I could somehow buy perspective over the counter, I'd stock up once a month.

Thanks for this one, D.

Rondee Poe said...

Well said Dan. Reminds us to be thankful.

StB said...

And they are lucky to have a man like you for their father.

Riggstad said...

well shit... and less than an hour ago I just got done yelling at the 9 year old daughter because it was the 4 year old boys turn to play baseball with dad and to stop being so selfish.

Looks like I need to go pick up some of that perspective as well.

Good Story Bro.