Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring has, never mind

Today I slipped on shorts, a short-sleeved tech shirt and a long-sleeved tech-shirt for the first time in God knows how long ago.
When I began training for the marathon, I wore three layers, tights, a hat, gloves, a face warmer and a jacket to ward off -10 degrees.
It takes a tad less time to get ready for a run when all you have to do is wear shorts and a couple layers on top. A ball cap, some sunglasses, my iPod and I'm good.
The sun warmed my back. I stripped off the long-sleeved tech shirt even before I started.
My hands didn't go numb from frostnip halfway through the run.
My feet actually sweated a tiny bit.
I got a little color on my legs. That color was red, but that's OK.
I saw a hawk circling overhead at the park.
The trees had little green buds on them.
The grass wasn't all crispy and brown or covered in snow.
My body was kinda limber, not like I'd been buried in mummy bandages for a century.
Hey, Spring, where ya been, man?

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The Wife said...

Why do I have this picture of you in those tiny little runner shorts with the high cut legs?