Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thoughts on a good but disappointing season

I will not lie right now. I'm pissed.
I know I shouldn't be too much. I even feel spoiled saying it. But yeah, I"m upset.
Part of me thinks of the incredible waste this is. We put together a wonderful team and worked hard to lose only one game in a terrific conference. And we're the overall #1 seed. And we're done.
What a waste.
Part of me wishes we could have somehow shaken the nerves that haunted us the entire game. It took us nearly the entire game to finally fight and play our game.
What a tragedy.
Part of me also honestly wonders why I bother. This is not rational thinking right now, or even logical, but why put all my energy into a team when it just ends in a wasteful heartache every year?
We've had our fair share of chokes as a #1 seed, haven't we? More than our fair share?
But then I have to pause and think why I'm a fan. Is it really for the end result? Do I watch Temple in December only to hope they play that well in March?
No. At the beginning of the season, I pledged to enjoy the journey and the ride. And I did. As hard as it is right now, I truly enjoyed this team. Right now it truly sucks - I mean this is the toughest loss I can remember since 1998 or maybe 1997 - but we're so lucky to be Kansas fans.
We'll be back next year.
And so will I.

P.S. I just hope Kentucky doesn't win.


kurokitty said...

You're a fan for the times that they do make it, especially when you recognize all the hurdles you have to go through (like making it deep in a poker tournament) to get there...It's why we love the marathon, it's so hard just to get there.

Kansas will use this year of disappointment and be an even better team next year.

BadBlood said...

Us Cornellians will appreciate you hopping on our bandwagon against Kentucky. :)

pokerpeaker said...

Consider me strapped in, Blood! :)

MorningThunder said...

Yep. You just knew when their big man made his 2nd and 3rd three of the season that it wasn't gonna go our way. Always seems to happen Kansas. Some guy plays 14 rungs above his skill level to kill us. Felt just like UTEP and Rhode Island to me and of course Arizona.

Btw saw Bill Self out at Henry T's on Monday. The guy is a class act. Did not shy away at all from the public.

Anonymous said...

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