Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hey! Look at me!

A couple quick points to kinda brag about, other than the kids below this post.

Today I ran a 10K. I was feeling crappy all this week, and the source of the crappiness, a bad cold, eventually turned into a sinus infection, as they are wont to do. I had no expectations. Yet I set a PR by 1 minute, 40 seconds, with a time of 46:57. A PR in a 10K by even a half-minute is huge, so I was thrilled. My pace was 7:34 per mile, and I didn't really feel like I was banging it all that hard. I think maybe the illness helped me because it forced me to take time off. I was hoping to break 47 minutes sometime next year. I guess antibiotics are the new steroids.

I also wrote two pieces for Pokerworks on two final table participants, "Chino" Rheem and Dennis Phillips. I really enjoyed interviewing them both, but I really really had fun talking to Phillips, who would become probably the most "regular" guy Main Event champion in history. I'm rooting for him. He is a great guy.

Here are the stories.

Dennis Phillips

David "Chino" Rheem


WillWonka said...

I know I am cheering for the St Louis Dennis Phillips.

$mokkee said...

i wouldn't mind seeing Phillips TID but if he doesn't, Chino would be ok too. from the limited number of hands i've seen on ESPN, both have played well to this point. Eastgate is one they need to worry about.

BamBam said...

Serious congrats on the time Peaker! That's insane!

I'm with you, (based solely on the Television coverage of course, not your up close and personal knowledge) Mr. Phillips definitely could just be your average Joe in Blogdem.

kurokitty said...

Congrats on the PR!