Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Let's ban fantasy football too then

Five reasons why fantasy football and online poker are the same:

• I don't have to go to some bash on some boat to play it, even though I really, really, really, really, really want to but my budget won't allow it (that and my wife and possibly the 1-year-old would have looked like Linda Blair pre-Exorcist had I asked her after being gone so much this summer climbing).

• They take more luck than we want to admit, especially us "educated" players who hate, say, the guy who takes, say, Drew Brees in the first round and crushes your team with Terrell Owens and Steve Smith and Shaun Alexander as receivers (strictly a hypothetical, that's not me). Does this sound familiar with a guy holding A,5 against your A,K?

• It's really, really fun when it's going well and really, really crappy, almost tedious, when it's not.

• I say Who-hoo! when I'm doing well, as I did Sunday, when my team scored 91 points.

• It's a little geeky, but in a hip sort of way.

Bonus reason: Both go better with beer.

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