Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I've got it!
I've got a way to insult all those donkeys calling you with crap and getting rewarded for it.
I can't bring myself to say np or nh. I just can't do it. It was not a nh or a np. It was a bs play and you got lucky. Congratulations.
But I don't want to berate people either. I don't want to educate them. And I don't want to continue to hate poker at times, as I do now.
So here it is.
Instead of np or nh, say nice draw.
Nice Draw, sir.
I love it.
1) You've insulted them a little, essentially saying "Boy, that was a fucking stupid play, asshole, but, hey, you were able to draw out on me, and that's poker." Most donkeys, however, won't see the hidden meaning behind that statement, and they'll happily say to you, "ty." Or they'll tell you, yeah, sorry, AA versus KK is a coin flip anyway.
Um, actually, no, it's not, but keep thinking that, sir!
Nice Draw.
2) You've complemented them on their play, encouraging them to call you with shit again.
3) It prevents you from making a fool of yourself by whining about the suckout.
See, my SnGs are still riddled with suckouts lately. In fact, suckouts are the only way I've been getting knocked out lately. It's certainly not from my good opponents' good play. I looked over my notes last week during my disasterous run in SnGs, and all six knowckouts were from horrible suckouts.
Yeah, yeah, that's poker. I'm not complaing anymore. I've bought my brand new computer, mostly with online poker money, so now I can have fun again and not worry so much about trying to make a ton of money. And after Saturday night's successful run at the live casino, I don't think anyone wants to hear any whining. After my SnG last night, when I had A,10 shorthanded and the guy had Q,10 and flopped two Qs, I went to a ring game and quickly made $30.
So the losing streak appears to be over.
So instead of cursing, closing my eyes and hammering at my legs with my fist, I just grit my teeth and type it in the box.
Nice Draw, sir.
Nice Draw.

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dcoke said...

You're not gonna patent that line are you?.......

It will be used alot on Bodog from now on!