Wednesday, January 18, 2006

So far, so good

It's been a good run so far. Good decisions, good results and, yes, even a suckout or two.
My favorite was last night.
I had this guy heads up in a 5-person SnG, and by that time, he might as well have been playing with his cards face up. Whenever he had a monster, he raised. When he had a decent hand, he called. When he had nothing, he checked. Sounds obvious, I know, but he really was that predictable. Every time he checked, I bet, and he would fold.
But every time he finally would put his money in, I, of course, had the best hand.
And every time he sucked out on me.
If he had 9,6 and I had A,K, a 9 would fall on the river. If he had A,8 and I had A,J, an 8 would fall. If he had A,8 again, and I had Q,Q, the A would fall on the river.
It really was unbelieveable. And yet, every time, I could claw my way back because of the aggressive blind structure and his frequent folding.
The guy tried bluffing once, into a board of four diamonds, when I had the A. Oops.
So if I had lost to him, it would have been criminal, and yet, suckout, suckout, suckout.
Finally, he was down to $2,000 in chips, and I had $5,500, and I got A,J and finally decided to just start putting him all in every time I got a great hand (heads up, A,J is a great one). I bet, and he flips over...
Of course.
Only the luckbox saw three clubs flop, and guess who had the one A of clubs? It looked so good against my J. Fourth card was a bust, but the fifth?

I think I'm ready for the big tournament on Saturday, but I'm gonna play a few five and 10-tables tonight, Thursday and then a MTT on Friday. I've also been reviewing Harrington, who wrote the best tournament stragety books of all time.

6/9 cashed.
Four firsts, one second, one third.

Take that, Low Limit Grinder!

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